Livestock Farming - Our location is based on a Commercial Farm 


Knights Care Farm is our family business, run as a husband and wife partnership.   We are passionate about farming and keen to share it with others.

The Care Farm was set up to give others access to farm life that would not otherwise get a chance.  

About Knights Farm : 

Knights Farm is a commercial Working farm, stocking Cattle, sheep, pigs and poultry. Over time we are developing a predominantly closed flock. The reason for developing closed flock has many advantages, especially as a small business.


A closed flock offers us the ability to breed replacement ewes and limit disease coming in from ewes that would otherwise be bought at market. The aim is to only buy carefully chosen breeding Rams.  In Lambing season we assess all the ewes carefully and keep detailed records on everything from how well they lamb, to the milk they produce and their overall mothering ability.  Every ewe lamb in the spring is considered a potential replacement. Knights Farm look for high growth rates, a factor dependent on a milky ewe, and they must be anatomically correct and be easy lambing.


The breed attributes, chosen were based on what would do well on Devon Farmland.  Each Breed has been selected to be well suited to the Devon farmland, todays market & modern farming system. These breeds are quiet and easily handled. They also produce great lambs for meat production.  Despite all theses selection criteria for our choice we also selected our breeds as we like the way they look, we believe it is important to like what you look at.


The breeds we have chosen are:

The Suffolk:  a sheep that is known to be able to produce ideal butchers lamb for todays market, it is fast growing and produce lean meat.


The Lleyn: a breed offering a fantastic mothering ability, quiet in nature and suited to mixed types of grazing. They also offer a high milk yeild which is great for our lambs.



KNIGHT FARM_ sheep farming East Devon

Knights Farm are developing a flock of Pedigree Lleyns and using a cross breed for producing our Lambs for meat. Sheep Farming is a large part of Knights Care Farm LLP: a daycare service for adults with learning difficulties.  Service users are able to learning skills on the farm from animal husbandry to the simplest of tasks helping us to herd or check stock in the fields. Knights Care Farm is a care farm designed to allow others to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle farming requires.


Knights Farm also have approximately 60 head of cattle, a flock of 200+ sheep and some pigs.


We are Farm Assured, meaning we are inspected annually to ensure our livestock are cared for well. We are also proud to say all our lamb is 'West Country Lamb' meaning, we as producers have the right to use the protected Westcountry Lamb status on our products. 


As registered products West Country Lamb must be produced in accordance with the PGI specification. To qualify, we have to fulfill criteria of our lamb coming from stock born, raised and finished in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Gloucestershire, Dorset or Wiltshire and fed at least a 70% forage-based diet. To find out more visit the West Country Lamb & beef website.


Some might say West Country lamb has joined the ranks of products such as Clotted cream or Cornish Pasties.... Oh Yummy!!!


All Knights Farm livestock is bred for meat, slowly reared to a natural maturity. Our lambs are reared by their mothers initially then 100% grass fed. Once grown to the Knights Farm standard they are taken to a local small Devon family run abattoir. The welfare of our animals is of upmost importance to us; using a local abattoir & butcher means the animals only have a short way to travel reducing stress caused by journeys.


Click here to order a Meatbox from Knights farm, we are sure you will not be disappointed.