Farming on Prescription - A New Service from Knight Farm

What is 'Farming on Prescription?


Farming on Prescription was launched as a pilot project in November 2010 at  Clinks Care Farm in East Anglia. The programme allows local GPs and Mental Health Linkworkers based in doctor surgeries to refer patients with mild mental health problems to a Care Farm for a 12 week program, for 1 day per week. 


How do I get referred to Knights Farm for Farming

on Prescription?


Speak to your Doctor or Support worker about funding and a referral to Knights Care Farm

Download & complete your referral form and to return it to us. As soon we receive your referral form, we will contact the funding provider. Once funding is in place we will contact you to arrange a suitable date and time for you to visit the farm.


If you think it is something you would like to try we will then organise a start date.

Why come to Knight Farm?


Spending time at Knights Care Farm can have an amazing effect. We offer you the opportunity to do meaningful work in a supportive, therapeutic environment. We provide the opportunity to be part of a team and give you a sense of purpose. The tasks on the farm include looking after the farm livestock, using farm and horticultural equipment, maintaining conservation projects and work in the produce gardens.


Our focus is on the things you can do rather than on the things you can't do. Knights Care Farm support all the achievements you make and physical work you do, these activities can make you feel a lot better about yourself. Working on a farm has many positive effects; You might notice your appetite, mood and sleeping patterns start to improve as a result of coming to the farm. It also brings you in contact with many other people in a friendly, safe and non-judgmental environment.  


Farming on Prescription can help you prepare for the world of real work, as you will gain a lot of new skills in you time with us. Coming to Knights Care Farm may give you structure to your week or day and help you get used to 'being at work' in a safe & friendly environment. 


Placements could have a therapeutic goal, be part of work preparation or day care, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

There is great potential for learning new skills, feeling valued and having fun!

This program is a 12 Week course, one day per week.  

Course cost £720 


Learning disabilities, learning difficulties, social needs, working around farm summer activities