Devon Lamb, Pork & Beef - Meat Boxes


Would you like to support our work?

Why not enjoy the fruits of our carefarm and order a Devon Meat box from Knights Farm? ​


All our livestock is grown out in the fields here at Knights Farm. Such a wonderful sight seeing them run freely over 200+ acres of pasture. All our lambs are naturally reared on grass, no concentrates, therefore our supply of lamb is through out most the year with lambs all growing at different rates. Our pigs are all free range and outdoor reared, as are the cattle! 


Purchasing a meatbox from us here at Knights Farm you can have the comfort in knowing all our livestock are well cared for and have a great quality of life. We also produce Mutton & Poultry occasionally which are available for pre order.


Call now to order your meatbox or contact the Farm shop! 

Pork available regularly - please enquire

Delicious Freee range pork bred & reared here on Knight farm is available regularly but is extremely popular and sells out fast. We advertised on Facebook and take orders via phone & the website. Just contact us if you would like to make an order. We offer the chance to buy in bulk as 1/2 or 1/4 pig or Individual cuts, sausages & bacon. We can also accomodate bespoke requests. 

Do you want your meat butchered in a certain way? Ask us for Bespoke cut


We are happy to work with you for the cuts you wish, it is not a problem if you are looking for burgers, mince or other select cuts. We are also happy to provide a Whole Lamb or Pig ideal for Spit should you wish. 


Please specify when you order as bespoke cuts can affect the price.


Call us now or just fill out this order form and we will call you!


For pre-orders of a whole lamb we require a £70 deposit for per Lamb, for bespoke butchery a deposit of £35 per Half. Each Lamb is a custom order, first come first served basis.


What happens Next?

Our Lambs are available now and selling fast.  We are happy to discuss with you timing for when you wish to have your lamb based on availability.


After we receive your request to order a  meat box, we will call you to give you an approximate date as to when your meat box will be ready and take any deposit required. Our meat is on average hung for three weeks, we do however have regular orders so often have meat boxes available for immediate collection. Please call if you require this.


Once the meat box is ready, all you have to do is collect your lamb or we can arrange delivery! It’s that easy!


We accept cash, cheque or payment via bacs.

Meat Box #1 - Whole Lamb (Basic Cut)



Whole lamb cut & packaged  £135


approx £7.50 /kg*  Superb Quality Butcher Lamb


*Our price is based on the average ‘hanging weight’ meaning price per kg after the animal has been butchered & is ready for sale. Hanging weights may vary, a whole lamb is typically around 18kg.


Meat Box #2 - Half a Lamb (Basic Cut)


½ Lamb cut & packaged £ 70.00

Approx £8.75/kg*


Buying half a Knight Farm Devon Lamb is a great way to try new cuts, while saving money on the cuts you already enjoy. All the meat in this box is cut from a single side of lamb and ready to freeze for up to six months.



Meat Box #3 - Weekly mix box  (Basic Cut)




Limited on freezer space? have a regular box of home favourites. You will get a selection of cuts including mince, sausages & bacon to make easy weekday meals.

Perfect for a small household


Meat Box #4 - Half Mutton (Basic Cut)


1/2 Mutton cut & packaged  £75 


A Half Knight Farm Devon Mutton box is a great way to buy this tasty meat, saving money on the cuts you already enjoy. Slightly different flavour to lamb and a lower fat content. All the meat in this box is cut from a single side of a sheep and ready to freeze for up to six months. 


Meat Box #5 - bespoke mix

Selection of meats from £75


Perfect way to sample our lamb, pork, chicken, mutton or beef or other seasonally available meats.

Choose a specific selection of cuts to suit you. Totally bespoke order


Price based on contents. Call for more information.


Meat Box #6 - BBQ Feast pack 

mixed selection  £65


Perfect way to enjoy a bbq in style with lamb, pork, & beef or other seasonally

available meats.

4x Beef Steaks, 2 x Pork spare ribs, 2 Lamb Kofte Kebabs, 2 x Beef burgers (8),

2 x Sausages (12)


Price based on contents. Call for more information