Corporate Team Building

Team building activities designed for businesses to make the most of the beautiful devon countryside. Tailored to your objectives.

WOOD You Survive


Could your team survive in the outdoors?

Experience Devon at its best, enjoy nature in the heart of the county. Groups learn how to survive and thrive in the wilderness.


Teams progress through a variety of tasks helping each other to learn and master new skills; complete new challenges and overcome fears.


Free from the stresses of city life and office fuss this is a fun and memorable way to build and cement relationships.

High Fliers Falconry

Feel the freedom of flight and become Falconers for the day. Release some tension and stress from normal work life and find a new way to work together. Get to know your team in the most beautiful setting that is Knight farm, in Cadbury, Devon.


We will show you how to train birds of prey as a team, flying Hawks, falcons, & owls; from the smallest to the largest in the world.  Get involved in a variety of falconer activities and learn to make equipment and basic husbandry of the birds.


Learn who in your team is creative, a natural leader, or the

thinkers & doers! You'll be surprised how much you will learn

about each other!

Offices 'Go Wild'

Team Building at its best.....


Bored of sitting in dull meeting rooms and learning little about your staff or co-workers?  -  Enjoy the great outdoors with a rustic farm twist. Get away from the hustle & bustle of everyday office life, swap your shoes for wellies and come  for an alternative 'Devon' day out. 

Wish the 'team building' activities were a bit more interesting..... Ever thought of having a 'Farmer for a day' experience. Bring a team and learn how to work together, learn how to work with livestock and identify individuals strengths and weaknesses.  So many options the day can be totally tailored to you. 


Prices start from £25 per person (excl VAT)


Details of the day vary depending on the package chosen.  All our packages are tailored to each event and built with your objectives in mind.


Homemade farm lunch also available within certain packages, please enquire